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Research Hits a New High Thanks to Northbound Leather

Every year Northbound Leather in Toronto puts on an incredible gathering that attracts a veritable cornucopia of fetishists from all over the world. Every year they give the event a different theme and last year’s amazing show was called ‘Vanilla?’.

So what was ‘Vanilla?’ all about? And why the question mark?

Here’s what the dictionary has to say about vanilla. “A BDSM term meaning anything or anyone non-kinky i.e. sex excluding all forms of deviancy such as sadomasochism, bondage, or discipline.” The 2010 show was a way to show how the line between normal and kink is blurring and how BDSM and kink have infiltrated mainstream film, television and commercials. And much of the teaching was being done through highlighting the clothing of Northbound Leather.

Check out my article for Total-e-Bound’s monthly newsletter for more photos. 

This year’s offering is called Rapture and there’s nothing posted yet about it so I’ll just have to post next time so you can see what you missed.

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That’s right. Make sure you check out the new books on my Book Page. I have two new ebooks and one new print book. My newest print book, Naughty Boys, is available through Ellora’s Cave as is Waiting So Long, one of the new ebooks. Waiting So Long is also one of the stories in Naughty Boys!


The Hunter’s Surrender is the completed and published version of the story from my Unexpected Tales page. It is published by Resplendence Publishing.

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