Excerpt from Absolute Trust by Kaenar Langford.

Chapter One

In the year of Jobin 1276

Following Delia and Jude, Micah looked around the dark, crowded Chendan bar. He knew what he was seeing was only a façade, the people drinking and dancing, laughing and flirting. The real business of pleasure was taking place in rooms that you had to know about.

“Come on,” Delia mouthed, as she swung round to make sure he was still behind them.

He moved forward reluctantly. Micah O’Brien had little use for these overcrowded dens of self-gratification. He’d had enough of places like this as a young cadet when he’d first joined the forces of the Wardelian League, but he hadn’t said no to Delia and Jude when they’d asked him to join them. They were more than just fellow bounty hunters, they were also his friends. In his profession good friends were hard to come by and well worth keeping.

The Renegade was only docked on Chend long enough to give the crew a brief respite. The last trip to Jardalez had been trouble from the get-go and Jude Roland, the captain of the star cruiser, knew everyone needed some R&R.

“It’s a good thing you decided to come with us,” Jude said before they left the cruiser. “You know Delia won’t take no for an answer.”

So even though he’d rather be elsewhere, Micah wasn’t.

He watched as Delia tried talking to Jude over the raucous music. Jude just shook his head to let her know her efforts at conversation were futile. She shrugged, then waved to someone across the cavernous room. Micah had to laugh as she grabbed Jude’s hand and began to make a path through the tempestuous storm of bodies on the dance floor, pulling him along in her wake.

She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Like all the female bounty hunters of The Renegade, he thought.

They were like a secret weapon with their beauty and grace. Many a quarry had underestimated them and ended up on the ground in handcuffs before they knew what hit them. These women were strong and fierce, their natural abilities augmented by sensor implants, their innate fierceness made stronger by their loyalty to their fellow hunters.

Micah loved women, but the women who were part of the bounty hunters of The Renegade drew him in another way. He admired their courage and their loyalty, but most of all he envied the trust he saw between them and their partners. Delia and Jude were hunters together but also lovers, and they shared that bond with Toryn, one of the ship’s navigators. That was what Micah wanted - trust, in life and in love.

“Don’t worry,” Delia had said to him. “One of these days it’ll happen. Probably when you least expect it.”

He wanted trust and he also wanted Layla. But he knew he couldn’t have her. She was one of the youngest hunters on the star cruiser, while it seemed like a lifetime since he’d seen twenty-four. She was just too young.
Micah fought his way through the crowd, trying valiantly to ignore the naughty hands that reached out to rub his cock or fondle his butt as he attempted to keep up with Delia. She continued to drag Jude through the swarm of gyrating bodies, finally hauling him out on the other side of the dance floor, where they climbed a short staircase and headed for a booth against the wall. He wondered who she was smiling at as she slipped onto one bench seat while her partner squeezed his massive frame in opposite her.

He realized that he’d rather be in close combat with the enemy than try to navigate this sea of groping tentacles. For Jobin’s sake, he was thirty-six years old with a warrior’s scarred body. Who would want to put their hands on his old carcass? Lots of people, if the number of gropes per step were any indication.

Feeling like he was being squeezed out of a jergajumpa, Micah pulled free of the mass to make his way to the table where Delia and Jude were ensconced. Taking in his exasperated expression, Delia motioned to the space opposite and yelled, “You’ve got that same look you get after you and Jude have been sparring. Why don’t you sit down?”

He wanted to shake his head at the ways of Fate. Layla was there. He didn’t need to see her to know. It was always that way when she was close by. He could tell by the rising of the hair on the back of his neck and the rising of his cock. It may have been dark in the bar, but he didn’t need any light to know that she was sitting in the shadows beside Delia. He slid in next to Jude as the DJ slipped on a slow dance tune and the music turned from raucous to sultry.

“Micah, you know Layla,” Delia said.

He certainly did. She’d been recruited by Jude after he’d pulled her off Staar, one of the Fangian bounty hunters. No one messed with the Fangians. That was one of those unspoken Galactic rules. They fought dirty and particularly liked it when the odds were against them. Hand to hand combat was their forte, with knives and short swords being their weapons of choice. None of that had mattered to Layla when Staar showed up drunk and thought he could enter the restricted area she was guarding on TLar2.
The story circulating aboard The Renegade was that he’d just been fooling around hoping somehow to impress her, but instead had landed flat on his back. He hadn’t been too drunk to fight back, it just hadn’t made any difference. Jude had recruited her on the spot. And Micah hadn’t known a moment’s peace since.

When Layla was around, he tried not to get too close and knew she thought he was rude because of it. But it had more to do with the perpetual hard-on she gave him, a hard-on that kept him edgy and unfulfilled. Like now.

Micah swallowed, not sure if he could speak. She leaned forward, and his heart stepped up its beat as he took in her delicate face.

Giving him a quick smile, she spoke. “Hello, Micah.”

Micah managed to blurt out a quick hello. He was pretty sure she had no idea how her presence affected him and he wanted to keep it that way.
It was Jude who broke the uneasiness of the moment. “Delia, Micah. What do you want to drink? I’ll go grab them.”

“I’m going to have one of those cute little girly drinks,” Delia said. “You know what I mean Jude, one of those that come with the fruit and the tiny umbrella.”

Jude held up his hands. “No way am I ordering that at the bar. You’ll have to come with me.”

Delia slid out of the seat and turned to Layla. “You want another drink?”
Layla covered her glass with her hand. “No. I’m fine.”


“I’ll have a beer.”

Jude pushed at Micah, forcing him to slide over and let him out. Micah watched as the two bounty hunters made their way to the bar, Delia playfully pinching Jude’s ass as he sauntered in front of her.

He turned to see Layla laughing.

“They’re so happy together. I like that,” she explained.

“Very happy. Especially with Toryn, their other lover,” Micah added.

“That must be wonderful. To have people like that in your life.”

“What about you?” Micah questioned, not really wanting to hear the answer. “You have someone special?”

Layla looked away.

“What’s wrong?” Micah asked.

“There is somebody. But I don’t think he’s interested.”

Micah’s body tensed as jealousy nipped at him. He didn’t want to think of her with anyone else. “How could he not be interested?”

“What do you mean?”

“How could he not be interested? You’re young and beautiful and a nasty little fighter.”

“Thank you. I think,” she said, looking into his eyes. “But he’d say he’s too old for me, even though I know he has to hide behind a chair whenever I’m in the room. He thinks I don’t notice that he’s hard for me. Like right now.”
Micah jumped as her foot gently landed on his cock. The little minx must have slipped off her shoe and was now giving his hard-on a massage.

“See what I mean?”

Micah wanted to push her away, but it felt too good. The heat of her body burning him through the supple leather of his breeches, the naughty flex of her toes down the length of his shaft, the insistent pressure on his eager flesh. She’s playing with fire, and she knows it.

“I’m too old for you. I’ve tasted too much nastiness in the galaxy. I’m not a nice man. You need to look for someone better, closer to your own age.”

“Ah, you mean like Shayne.”

Micah flinched.

“Or perhaps Roake?”

Micah frowned.

“How about Tayller? He’s only a few years older than me. What about him?”

Micah didn’t like this conversation at all. He knew he couldn’t have her, but he didn’t want to think of her with any of the other bounty hunters either.

Layla dragged her foot off Micah’s erection, slipped her shoe on and stood.

“Where are you going?” he demanded.

“I’m going to see if one of those young bounty hunters would like to fuck me all night long.” And she strode off into the crowd.

Micah took just enough time to use his communication implant to send a message to Jude, then took off after Layla. She’d made it across the dance floor before he managed to catch up and grab her arm. She tried to shake off his hand, but he pulled her along a corridor until he came to a door with a green light above it, indicating that the chamber was available.

Micah pulled his captive into the room, activating the locking mechanism with a flick of his hand as he slammed the door behind them. Pushing her onto the bed, he flipped the shoulder catches on his torso armor and threw it to the floor. His hands shook as he tore off his shirt and tossed it aside. Grabbing the nearest chair, he sat down, pulled off his boots and socks and shot to his feet again. His classen-hard cock sprang free the moment he yanked down his black leather breeches. They hit the floor and he advanced on her like a wild creature scenting its prey.

“Listen to me, sweetheart. If anybody fucks you all night long, it’s going to be me.”

From the determined look on his face, Layla knew it would be wise to be afraid, very afraid. This is what happens when you tease a beast was the first thought that went through her head as Micah moved toward her. It was hard to catch her breath as she took in the sight of his powerful body, the scars of battle across his chest, his arms and legs roped with heavy muscle. Except one look at his arousal sent all fear flying. She wanted that inside her, filling her.

But after the way he’d made her wait, she was going to make him work for it. Before he reached the bed, she turned and attempted to crawl away.

He just laughed and grabbed her ankle.

“No way, darling. No way are you getting away from me.”

Layla struggled, rolling to her back so she could kick out at him with her other foot. But he was too fast. Now he had her by both ankles.

“I’m not Staar. You won’t catch me off guard like you did him,” he said with a wicked smile.

She tried to flick her legs and force him to release her, but it was futile. He was too strong.

“I’m not letting you go. You think those young men can please you. They don’t know the first thing about pleasing a woman like you.”

“So what are you gonna do, old man?” she teased. Maybe teasing’s not a good idea when the man has fucking on his mind.

He gave her his answer as he crept up her body. “I already told you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna fuck you all night long. Someone needs to show you what happens to little girls who like to tease.”

Layla sighed into his mouth as he licked a thin line across her top lip. Resistance is futile. I want him too much. Reaching up, she ran her fingers through his long silky hair, letting the cool locks caress her skin. He responded by nibbling at her bottom lip.

Drawing back, he growled. “You taste so young and so sweet. I wonder if the rest of you tastes as sweet. I guess I’ll just have to find out.” Bracketing her legs with his, he went to his knees and pulled her to a sitting position. She let him flick the shoulder catches on her torso armor and pull it away from her body, leaving her in a long-sleeved black T-shirt. Throwing the armor to the side, he lowered her to the bed again and, still kneeling, gently sat back on her.

She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. She wished she were nude so that when he leaned over her belly, the soft flesh of his erection would rub against her. His shaft was long and thick and she knew the skin would be smooth and supple as it caressed her stomach.

“Are you naked under that shirt?” he asked.

“You’ll just have to find that out as well,” Layla said, saucy invitation in her voice.

He tugged the garment free of her black leather breeches.

“My pleasure,” he said, locking his gaze with hers. She watched the hunter being replaced by the lover. Now that he had her where he wanted her, his ferocious need seemed to be tempered with something else—something more tender.

At the first touch of his rough hands as they burrowed under the hem of her shirt, her eyes drifted shut. No, it will be our pleasure, she thought.
Up his hands skimmed until they reached the lacy cups of her bra.

“Is it white?” he whispered.

She shook her head.

“Is it red?”

Same answer.

Her eyes flew open as he slid off the end of the bed. He grabbed her hand and, pulling her to her feet, threw her a mischievous smile.

“I guess I’ll discover for myself.”

Layla shivered as he grabbed the bottom of her shirt and tugged it over her head. It fell to the floor as he stepped back and looked down at her.

“Black. That’s my very favorite color,” he said as he ran one finger along the top of her breasts, letting it linger a moment in the valley between.

“I love how the black looks against your pale skin. Those little freckles above your left breast seem to be begging for my tongue.”

He suited action to his words, licking her sensitive flesh.

“Those boys could never please you like I can. You know that, don’t you?”
She whimpered.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Layla shivered as he gently undid the front closure and drew the lacy material away from her breasts. Taking the thin straps in his calloused hands, he slid them down, pushing her arms behind her back at the same time. Her bra slid over her hands and drifted to the floor.

“Keep your hands there. Look how that thrusts your beautiful breasts to me.”
He sat on the bed and pulled her to stand between his legs. She loved the way his hard cock bobbed as he moved.

“That’s much better. Now it’s so easy for me to put my mouth on you,” Micah said.

Layla giggled as he nipped across her belly, as his tongue licked around her navel. But the laughter died in her throat as he found her nipple and took it in his mouth. I want more. Give me more she silently begged.

And he did.

She had to clasp her hands behind her back to keep them from finding their way to him, to draw his head closer. She loved how he knew just what pleased her, what she wanted as his clever tongue flicked the tight nub, as his lips kissed a teasing path to her other breast. She moaned and he paused and raised his head.

“Would those boys make you feel like that?”

Forgetting his command to keep her hands clasped, she reached out and cupped his face. “Shut up about those boys. I never wanted them to touch me, only you. I only want your hands on me, your mouth on me, your cock in me.”

He grinned. “I’m so very glad to hear that.”

“Enough talk,” Layla said.
Stepping back, she grabbed a chair and sat down. “Take off my boots for me,” she ordered.

Rising to his full six-foot-three inches, Micah came and stood before her. “I’d be delighted,” he said. Kneeling, he took one foot and began to undo her bootlaces.

“I think I really like having you supplicatory at my feet.”
Micah laughed and swooped up to give her a quick kiss on the lips. Tugging off one of her boots, he got rid of her sock and started to work on the other boot. While he was busy with her lace, Layla bent her leg and gently rubbed his cock with her foot.

“That’s a busy little foot you have,” he said, seizing it so he could bring it to his mouth and lick the sensitive sole.

She couldn’t believe how easily he was able to turn the tables on her. But she loved this game of give and take.

He made quick work of her other boot and sock, then got to his feet, pulling her up with him. Before she could protest, he took over the chair.

“Take off those lovely leather breeches for me. I want to see what you’re wearing underneath.”

She gave him a naughty smile. He returned it.

“Ah, maybe you’re not wearing anything underneath. Why don’t you show me?”

Layla was going to take full advantage of this opportunity to tease him. Clasping her hands in front, she raised her arms over her head and stretched. The little maneuver had the desired effect. She saw his quick intake of breath and the clenching of the muscles in his belly.

As she slowly lowered her hands, he reached out for her. She slapped them away.

“My show. You watch,” she said, chastising him.

He laughed.

Popping the snap at the waist, she grabbed the tab and pulled down the zipper bit by bit.

“Wait,” Micah cried, as she put her thumbs at the waistband ready to haul them down and off.

She looked askance at him. For Jobin’s sake, don’t let him have changed his mind.

“Turn around and bend over. I want to see how the leather cradles your gorgeous ass.”

Layla was more than happy to oblige. Anything to make him squirm. Giving him her back, she made a sort of exaggerated bow, allowing the supple material to be drawn nice and tight across her butt. Straightening slightly, she put her hands at the waistband of the pants and drew them down, making sure she took her time sliding them over the curve of her behind. She shimmied them down her legs and off.

His moan told her he was enjoying the view of the thin strip of material bisecting her cheeks.

“Oh shit, I’m not sure my old heart can take this.”

Layla swung back to him, eager to keep pushing. Her tone was low, silky.

“Do you think you could undo the bows for me, the little red ones at the side?”

She was sure there was a definite quiver in his hands as he reached out and tugged at the tiny strings.

“Open your legs just a bit,” he said.

It was almost enough to make her swoon as he took hold of the delicate fabric and pulled. As he dragged it from her, he used an upward motion so the silky material rubbed her clit. Micah knew her body so well, knew exactly what made her body hum.

Boldly Layla moved to him and straddled his legs. Taking his hard-on in hand, she sank down, seating him fully. Something shifted within her. It was as if the room were spinning for an instant as she sat with his cock imbedded in her. Somehow his thoughts rippled through her very essence, telling her what he liked, what he wanted to do to her. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

“That feels so good having you tight around my cock,” he said.

Layla used her inner muscles to squeeze then release.

“And that feels even better,” Micah pronounced.
Putting her hands on his shoulders, she leaned forward and rocked gently on his erection.

“And how about that?” she asked as she swayed over him.
He gave her a wicked smile as his reply, a wicked smile accompanied by the sliding of his hands under her legs.

She should have known that he would wrest control from her, but as soon as he lifted her and let her slide back down on his erection, she didn’t really care. He wanted what she wanted.

Micah made it look effortless. She could see the muscles in his upper arm flexing each time he raised her up. It was amazing how he could hold her suspended with only the head of his cock inside her. Then he’d let her descend. He teased her, shifting the rhythm. Sometimes he’d make it slow and languorous until she wanted to tell him to hurry up. Then he’d make it fast and forceful, slapping up into her with each downstroke. It was like a hurricane building inside her, swirling more and more rapidly, carrying both of them in its path.

She bit his shoulder as the storm broke, his last strokes frantic as he fought to stay with her.

The soft whispers of her breath tickled Micah’s neck as Layla lay against his chest. He was glad they were sitting as he knew he was too weak to move. With one hand, he drew idle circles on her back, feeling the light sheen her soft skin bore from their love-making. The other hand clutched possessively at her waist.

What in Jobin’s name just happened? The minute I put my tongue on her smooth belly I could swear I knew exactly what she wanted me to do to her.

Layla sighed against him as he smoothed his fingers over her silken flesh.

I knew how hard it was for her to keep those hands behind her back when all she wanted to do was pull me closer. I knew she’d be so bold as to climb into my lap and take me inside her. I just can’t figure out how I knew.

Layla stirred, pulling back and placing her hands on his chest. “I love having you inside me.” She separated her fingers and ran them down his muscled chest. “It was amazing, like nothing I’ve ever felt before.” She continued to lightly stroke his heated flesh. “What happened? There was some kind of link between us, wasn’t there? Did you feel it?”

Micah nodded. “It was almost as if your voice were softly speaking through my veins. It was hardly a voice, really, more your thoughts caressing me, guiding me.”

Layla grabbed his shoulders as he quickly got to his feet. “What’s the matter? Where are you going?” She held on tightly to him as he crossed to the bed, moaned as he drew his penis from her and set her down on the silky sheets.

“I’m taking up where I left off. I told you I was going to fuck you all night long and, although I’m not young, the night is.”

Layla laughed. “There didn’t seem to be much wrong with your ability to perform, old man.” She bent her legs and tried to push herself away as Micah tickled her for teasing him.

“Who you calling an old man?”

“You. You’re way older than I am.”

Micah grew serious. “But that doesn’t matter to you, does it?”

She searched his face. “No it doesn’t.”

“Good, because I’ve got some things I’d like to show you.” With that, he lifted her legs and set them over his shoulders.

“Micah? What are you doing?” she asked, curiosity in her voice.
“I’m just going to see how sweet you taste.”
“But there?”
“No one has ever gone down on you? Those men you’ve been with before must have been lousy lovers,” he said, shaking his head.

“Not lousy, just young. I guess being with an older man has its benefits. More experience and all,” she said smiling up at him.

“And I’m about to show you one of those benefits,’ he said with a devilish grin.

He loved her breathy sigh as he rubbed his rough cheek along the tender skin of her thigh, her throaty moan as he gently bit along the same path. He felt her trepidation as he gently flicked her labia with his tongue.

“Oh great Jobin, Micah. Do lovers really do this?” she whispered.

“I don’t know about other lovers, but we’re going to.”

Micah slicked the flat of his tongue up her slit, parting her fleshy lips in the journey. She was so slippery and creamy for him that he could die from the sweet taste of her. Fingers of desire swept along his skin, but he sensed her desire as well as his own. She guided him to what she wanted to know, the feeling of his tongue probing inside her, gently at first then more forceful.

He tongued her entrance, smearing her essence over his lips, pressing past her tight opening. Her taste shimmered along his tongue, sweet and spicy like a vintage wine he’d once sampled on Tlai’dan. It was intoxicating, addicting, and he wanted more. His tongue speared her, mimicking what his cock would do when he slipped inside her. Her juice slipped down his chin, driving him to push harder, deeper.

He felt her hovering, flickering on the edge of orgasm. He heard the soft rustle in his mind as she told him to make her come, right away, but he wanted to watch her when she went over.

“No, no,” she cried, trying to grab at him as he let her legs slip and got to his feet.

Hooking his arms under her thighs, he slid inside her and leaned forward over her body. “I’m going to let you see what you taste like, see just how sweet you are.” He took her mouth in a slow kiss, slipping his tongue inside, spreading her essence over her own lips. His blood raced as she answered him by licking his mouth, lapping her juice from his chin. It was too much.

It rippled through his mind that she was ready to be fucked. Good. For there was no gentle preamble, no soft words or tender gestures. Gripping her tightly he slammed into her, pulling her towards him with each stroke. The slap of flesh on flesh, her cries of hunger, his moans of urgency, the tangle of words as they flashed into fulfillment together.

Micah slowly collapsed on top of Layla, his cock still within her. Rolling to his back, he took her with him, so she lay sprawled along the length of his body. His eyes drifted shut as he tried to make sense of what had happened. On the one hand, it had seemed so primitive, so much like a claiming, but on the other hand it had felt so right, like coming home.

His eyes flew open at the sharp poke of her chin to his sternum.

“So you think you can keep this up all night, sailor?” she teased.

He flexed his cock inside her. “Oh, most definitely, little girl.”

* * * * *

Normally he wouldn’t have been pulling security detail on The Renegade, but it was their first stop-over in more than a month and, being the “old man” of the crew, Micah had volunteered to stay behind. He didn’t think he was that old, but when the others had said they were off to a night of carousing on Ratuja, he realized that he just wasn’t interested.

He kept thinking about Layla, but she would have gone off with the rest of the crew, and who could blame her with the way he’d been avoiding her for the last three months?

As he scanned the rows of compuscreens, Micah could still see the look in her eyes when he’d said that it had been a mistake. She’d taken it stoically, but he couldn’t help but feel that pushing her away had been the stupidest thing he’d ever done.

He couldn’t tell her how he’d felt when they’d been making love. The connection had been too strong, stronger than anything he’d had with anyone else. She was his connection, his soul mate, but he still felt that he was too old for her, too old and much too acquainted with the darker side of life.

Now he just felt restless and unsettled.

Thank Jobin it was easy to maintain security on the ship. All he had to do was sit by the bank of compuscreens in the security bay and watch. That was how he became aware of what was happening in the captain’s chamber.

He heard the sound of voices and used the remocontrol to swivel the camerata to see who was in the captain’s quarters. The device revealed a naked Jude Roland reclining on his bed. Micah knew he shouldn’t keep watching. He knew he should switch off the compuscreen. But he couldn’t raise his hand to deactivate it.

He thought all the bounty hunters had gone ashore with the rest of the crew, but judging by what was going on in Jude’s cabin, it was obvious that some of them had decided to stay behind. He could see why!

Micah had gone to the academy with Jude Roland, had fought beside him for six or seven years in the forces, then joined him as a bounty hunter a few years ago. He’d seen his captain drunk. He’d seen the man wounded. He’d seen him angry. He’d seen him naked. But he’d never seen him naked and aroused. Micah couldn’t take his eyes off that cock, so heavy that it bowed toward the captain’s navel.

Jude was lying propped against a jumble of pillows and watching someone out of Micah’s field of vision. He saw Jude take his enormous hard-on in hand and run his fist up and down it, gently at first. Then the captain spat in his hand and used the lubrication to up the rhythm as he gripped tighter, closing his eyes to the bliss. Someone must have called to him, for he languidly opened his eyes to look at the figure off-screen again.

Micah willed his hand to lift and flick the deactivation switch, but he found that he just couldn’t. Then his hand reached out and he breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short-lived as it touched the remocontrol again.

Now Jude was smiling at someone and holding out his hand, inviting that person to join him on the bed. Micah gasped as Toryn came into view.

Praise Jobin!

Toryn’s erection wasn’t as long as the captain’s, but it was thicker and so solid and heavy that it moved slowly with each step the navigator took.

The hunters of The Renegade were a tight group. They had to be when their very lives depended on the trust they had for each other. As long as everyone did their job he couldn’t care less what went on in the privacy of somebody else’s chamber. Or so he thought until now.

As Micah stared at the screen, Toryn climbed on the huge bed from the bottom and crawled toward Jude, his heavy sac swinging between his legs. From this angle, Micah could see Toryn’s tight butt as he playfully made his way to the captain. Jude was laughing and talking to his navigator as he urged him forward, but his face changed the moment Toryn straddled his body as he crept forward.

Suddenly Micah could imagine what that cock of Toryn’s would feel like as it gently touched Jude’s in passing. The skin would be soft, but the shaft would be classen-hard, the two massive rods nudging each other.

Micah’s cock began to respond as he imagined that caress against his own shaft, a foreign feeling to have another man’s body so close, so intimate, but he found himself drawn to the idea of that pleasure nonetheless.

He watched as Toryn set his hands on the bed on each side of Jude’s powerful chest, allowing him to lean forward and take Jude’s mouth with his own, then tracing it with his tongue before gently sliding inside. Micah’s cock jumped as the men pleasured each other with mouth and tongue, and then it throbbed as Toryn drew back and began to kiss a path down Jude’s neck.

Micah closed his eyes, but the picture was even more vivid, etched in his brain. He opened his eyes languorously to see Toryn flicking one nipple with his tongue while squeezing the other between his thumb and forefinger. Jude lifted off the bed while pleasure raced through him. Micah rose up off the chair in time with Jude as he watched the scene unfold. His whole body clenched as Toryn backed up, licking down Jude’s taut belly, Jude laughing as Toryn tried to catch the tight skin around his belly button with his teeth.

Micah was amazed to see these two playing with each other. He wasn’t disgusted by what he was seeing. Instead, he had a greater understanding of why they worked so well together, why they were so attuned to each other. Micah had made love with many women, but never felt the close bond that Jude and Torryn obviously shared.

Jude’s laughter was cut short as Toryn’s eager mouth found his hard cock. Micah moved the camerata a bit to the side so he could see Jude’s face as his lover grabbed him and tucked his tongue into the slit at the tip of Jude’s shaft. The captain’s hips lifted off the bed as he urged his navigator to take more of him and Toryn eagerly complied, teasing him with a tracing around the massive head, then down the length. Taking the captain in his hand, Toryn lowered his mouth over him and took him deep, all the while applying pressure with his cheeks as he began to move his head up and down.

Finally Micah’s hand moved to the controls, but it was only to flick the audio switch so he could hear the loveplay between the two bounty hunters. Jude moaned as Toryn swallowed him and Micah could see Toryn working Jude’s hard-on. He lifted his head and, starting at the base of the massive shaft, brought his hand up as he gripped tightly and turned his wrist back and forth to increase the pleasure. Up, down, up, down went the rhythm of his hand until Jude howled in agony. Toryn stuck out his tongue and slapped Jude’s cock against it again and again, then licked just the crown, swirling his tongue all over it.

“Don’t you dare come,” he heard Toryn command Jude. “We’re not done with you yet.”

Copyright 2008 Kaenar Langford