Excerpt from Something Naughty This Way Comes by Kaenar Langford, final edition may differ.


 “Is everything in place for tonight?” Samuel asked.

Gage looked up from his laptop as his boss strode into the lounge of Seduction, the largest gay spa in Toronto. As the manager of the facility, it was Gage Lockhart’s job to deal with the day to day running of the place. Most of what he did was behind the scenes.

 Samuel Benson, the owner of the luxurious establishment, was the one in the public eye. Every month, more than eleven thousand men visited the sprawling complex and he was there to introduce them to what lay behind the beautiful wooden doors of 135 Reynolds Lane.

But tonight was going to be different. It would mark the first time a woman would be allowed into the all-male domain.

 Gage had been flabbergasted when his boss had mentioned the idea to him. In the five years since Samuel had launched the business, the spa had been strictly for men. But the number of requests from women who wanted to experience the bathhouse for themselves had been steadily growing. And Samuel had chosen to listen.

They had settled on opening up the slowest night for Ladies Night and the idea for Monday’s Seduction took shape. Certain areas would be for women only, but the rest would be for both men and women. Any men who were not interested had lots of play areas on the other three floors. Samuel hoped it would all work out.

But that’s why I have Gage, he thought.

As if reading Samuel’s mind, Gage got to his feet. “There’s no need to worry, Samuel. It’s a dry run. We’ll only have one woman in tonight and we’ll see how that goes.”

Samuel straightened. “I want the whole thing to go off perfectly. Seduction has the reputation for being the best and this venture should be no different. So everything’s all set?”

Gage checked his list for what he hoped was the final time. “The posters have been up around the spa for a few weeks so our patrons know what’s happening. Discreet ads have been placed in the newspapers so women are aware of the official launch of Monday’s Seduction next week. Signs have been posted on the second floor so everyone knows which areas will be for women only and our female clients will use the Hood Street entrance instead of the Reynolds Lane one.”

He set down his list. “So who’s our guest for tonight?”

Samuel had chosen to keep the identity of the first guest a secret until now. Gage liked the air of expectancy and mystery that had given his plans.

“Julianna Emerson.”

“Julianna, our sales rep for condoms and lube?”

“The same. She saw the poster on the front door, asked me about it and I thought she would be an excellent choice as the first woman to try out Monday’s Seduction.”

“What does she want to do?”

Samuel gave him an enigmatic smile. “Our no-nonsense Julianna wants to make love with two men.”

Gage couldn’t hide his surprise. “She wants to be part of a ménage? And were you able to fulfill her request?”

A very naughty look flashed across his boss’ face. “Oh, most definitely. I asked Derrick Marshall and Kaine Francis to join her. Derrick will be waiting for her in the locker room and the two of them will meet Kaine later in the shower room.”

Gage felt himself getting hard at the thought of “accidentally” stumbling upon that gorgeous man, Kaine’s soapy hands slipping and sliding all over that glorious body. He’d never had a chance to partake of any delights of the flesh with him, but he’d certainly fantasized about it.

The man was just too tall, dark and delicious.

 “She’s a very lucky woman,” Gage said with a sigh.

His boss nodded in agreement. “I’ve seen Kaine and Derrick in action and Julianna’d better be prepared, because she’s in for the ride of her life.”

Chapter One

Samuel looked at the woman seated across the desk from him. Julianna Emerson was a beautiful woman in her mid thirties, with shoulder length auburn hair and startlingly green eyes. She’d chosen a very short, very tight scarlet dress with spaghetti straps, but instead of clashing with her hair, the dress made her look like a living flame. He realized he didn’t know much about her, but he did know whenever she met with Gage, the lounge of Seduction was filled with the sound of her laughter.

“Did you even read the contract?” he quipped as she signed her name to the document.

“Of course I did, Samuel. It’s exactly what you told me over the phone—no cell phones allowed on the premises and make sure I pick a safe word if anyone wants to tie me up.”

Samuel laughed. “That’s a fairly simplified version, but it seems about right.”

Julianna set down the pen and pushed the paper across the desk to him. “Were you able to fulfill my request?”

“Definitely. I got in touch with two friends of mine. They’ve both been clients here and I think you’ll really enjoy being with them.”

“Do they already know each other?” she asked.

“Even though they’ve been to Seduction a few times, I don’t think they’ve ever spent any time together, so they were very pleased when I told them what you wanted.”

“So they know there’ll be three of us playing, that my wish is to be with two men and they were all right with that?”

“Oh, most definitely. Both of them accepted my invitation immediately, no questions asked.”

Julianna smiled. “Thank you for doing all this for me, Samuel, for enabling me to act out my fantasy. I don’t think I could have asked anyone else, but when I saw the poster, I knew you could make it happen for me.”

“That’s what Monday’s Seduction will be all about, letting women use the facilities here to fulfill their most erotic desires.” Setting the paper aside, Samuel motioned Julianna to him. “Why don’t you come over here and I’ll use this floor plan to show you what you’ll find on the second floor.” He had only covered the first few rooms when Julianna groaned.

Samual looked over his shoulder at her. “Are you all right? Your face is flushed.”

“Oh for heaven sakes, I’m so turned on by your description I’m ready to come. I need to start this adventure.”

He grabbed a pile of stuff from the corner of the desk and held it out to her. Julianna took the proffered articles and stepped back.

“There’s a towel for you,” he explained, “and the key to a locker in the locker room on the next floor if you want somewhere to put your stuff. Since this is the first time there’ll be a woman in the spa, you might find the second floor to be deserted. Most guys may choose to stay away from that area. I’m not quite sure what will happen.”

Julianna smiled hesitantly. “That’s okay. I knew we might not have the area to ourselves. I’m fine with that. I think.”

“Derrick is waiting for you in the locker room and you’ll both meet Kaine a little later, just as you asked. I’ve included the key to room 222, one of the private rooms and also one of my favorites. I hope you get a chance to try it out. Keep the map, though Derrick and Kaine know their way around the place so you needn’t worry about missing anything.” He stood and ushered her to the door. “The music plays all night and the TVs feature constant man-on-man porn. If you need anything, call Wade at the bar and he’ll help you or he’ll let me know.”

* * * * *

Julianna was trembling as she walked down the deserted corridor. Excitement, desire, anticipation. Her body felt as if it were absorbing the throbbing music from the ground up. The driving rhythm, pounding through her veins, was so strong she could have sworn even her clit was pulsing in time to it. Her labia felt swollen, the two fleshy lips rubbing against her silky underwear, the slick material chafing her delicate tissue.

As she reached the door to the locker room, she paused and leaned her forehead against the cool surface. The moment she crossed that threshold, the adventure would begin. Those were the instructions she’d given Samuel, but was she ready to see them carried out? She thought about what was waiting for her on the other side. She thought about who was waiting for her, and what he could do with the accoutrements to be found on this second floor of Seduction. And she wanted it all. With a smile, she put her hands flat on the door and shoved it open. Let the games begin!

Oh my good God! With the music being pumped into the room, she thought Derrick mustn’t have heard her enter because he continued to face away from her. But she wondered if he were really unaware of her presence. For as soon as she came in, he reached back, grabbed the neck of his shirt and pulled it over his head, the muscles in his back a symphony of movement as he took it off and threw it down on the bench. He ran his hands through his shoulder-length blond hair, attempting to bring the unruly waves under control. She could hardly catch her breath as the man bent over, tight jeans cradling his beautiful ass. He removed his socks and shoes, setting them out of the way under the bench. Derrick straightened and stretched his arms over his head, the delicious skin pulling taut over the delicate bones of his spine.

Her nipples hardened against the clingy material of the tight little dress as he dropped his hands to his waist. She knew what was next. The music was far too loud to allow her to hear anything, but that didn’t stop her from imagining the sharp rasp of the zipper as she pictured him slowly dragging it lower and lower. Setting his thumbs to the waistband of his jeans, he pushed them down and off. No underwear. And no tan line either.

Then he turned around. There was no way she could have been prepared for the ethereal beauty of this man. Long, flaxen hair framed a face that could make a woman weep. Or smile. Especially if the woman knew she was going to be spending the whole evening with this gorgeous creature and another man. As his pale blue eyes swept down her body, it felt like the brush of static electricity along her skin. Then he returned her smile.

Darn it all, he had dimples. Two little ones that bracketed the corners of his mouth.

As he walked toward her, her gaze fell to his heavy cock that swung with each step. It seemed as if her lungs refused to comply as she silently ordered them to do their job. She had to clench her thighs together at the thought of that gorgeous hard-on coming into her body.

“Hello, Julianna,” he said, taking her face in his hands. He traced the seam of her mouth, his luscious tongue wetting her lips and then outlining them as he took his first taste of her. A gentle nip of her plump top lip, sharper nibbles across the bottom one, only enough to catch her attention. A string of whisper-soft kisses along the delicate line of her jaw, a lick to the shell of her ear. He smiled at her shiver as he pressed his thick cock against her belly.

“You like that, don’t you?” he whispered, his warm breath a caress against the sensitive skin of her neck. “I thought you might. The three of us are going to have a very interesting evening together.”

Stepping back, Derrick gave her a slow perusal. “Although your eyes make me think of emeralds, that little number makes me think of hot, steamy sex. And while I love the dress and those do-me shoes, I’ve got to say you’re definitely overdressed.”

He made a circular motion with his finger. “Turn around. I think it’s time you were naked as well.”

Julianna obediently gave him her back, eager to hide the blush his erotic words drew from her, but unable to hide the tremor as he pulled down the zipper of her dress and mischievously bit the tendon in her neck. Yet she clung to the material, unsure what he would think of her thirty-six year old body.

“Julianna,” was all he said. But it was the manner in which he said it, the promise in his voice. She swung round to face him, letting the fiery dress fall to her waist. He gave her a delighted smile, the dimples deepening, as her black strapless bra was revealed.

“You are exquisite,” he said, running one warm finger along the soft skin above the filmy material, fingering the delicate lace between the cups. “Please tell me you’re wearing panties that match.”

“You’ll have to find out for yourself,” she said, warming to this game of flirting, enjoying playing with him, relishing the way he looked at her.

“Oh I intend to do just that. As soon as you take that dress off for me.”

She loved the catch in his breath as she slid her thumbs beneath the slinky material, teasing him with a glimpse of her smooth belly.

“Don’t move,” he said softly.

It was her turn to gasp as he pressed a kiss to the silken flesh of her shoulder.

Drawing back, he smiled. This time it was a very wicked smile. “You can continue now.”

Julianna looked right into his beautiful blue eyes, watching the flare of heat, as she began to draw the dress down. She shimmied it over her hips, down her long legs and off, revealing the sheer black bikini.

“I don’t know if that bit of nothing qualifies as panties,” he said, looking at the strip of material that constituted her barely there undies.

As she put her hands behind her back to remove her bra, Derrick put his hand on her arm. “I’ve changed my mind.”

“What do you mean?” Julianna asked, wondering what she’d done wrong.

“I don’t want you naked. At least not yet. Those sexy fuck-me shoes, along with the bra and panties, need to be removed in exactly the right circumstances. I want you to keep them on so I can walk behind you and follow the sway of your ass in those high heels. I want to see that black underwear against your pale skin.”

It was hard to catch her breath with his oh-so-erotic words flowing over her.

He continued to draw her in with his seductive voice. “Yes, I definitely think you should keep them on until we find exactly the right place.”

“Do you have somewhere in mind?” she asked, trying to speak past the lust in her throat.

“Oh yes. I know just the spot.”

She was so sure he did.


Copyright 2009 Kaenar Langford