Naymeen's personal mission is to capture a rogue agent, but she ends up being taken captive herself.

Unedited excerpt:

Aiden smiled at her sigh of acquiescence. His original scheme had flown out the window as soon as he’d pulled her back against his body. Drawing her here with the lure of the false document had seemed like a good method of placing her within his territory, on his terms. His men had been issued orders to detain her, to frighten her and send her on her way. He knew it wasn’t the best plan, but he had hoped to make her think carefully before she crossed him again.

Instead, she’d turned the tables on him, eluding his security force and entering the villa undetected. Now, he was going to do what he’d envisioned doing the first time Brysin had shown him her picture. He was going to have her, any way and every way he could.

“Don’t move,” he commanded. Watching her out of the corner of his eye, he leaned over and swept his hand in front of a lamp to bring it on, but only enough to bathe her in a small pool of golden light. She stood quietly, waiting. “You’re very good at following orders,” he said.

Her response, ‘Only when it suits me’, drew a chuckle from him.

Sliding one hand along the silk scarf he’d taken from his pocket, he stretched it out behind her back before reaching over her head to cover her eyes then tying it in place. He felt her tremble as he placed a kiss below her ear.

Turning her to face him, he stood and looked at this woman who had managed to turn the tables on him, not once, but twice. Not many people could make that claim, at least not any who were still alive.

Her audacity and skill had intrigued him so much, he had concocted this plan to lure her to Gheldar. Deep inside, he’d known having his men detain and frighten her would never work. He’d lured her here because he wanted her.

She was older than he’d expected, probably thirty-seven or thirty-eight to his twenty-eight, but she was beautiful. Her lithe body was encased in a black bodysuit that hugged her like a cloak of darkness. Her hair was dark with a vibrant intensity about it that was picked up by the soft light of the room. Shades of auburn in the long, thick braid hanging down her back, hints of mahogany in the curls framing her face. He wanted to touch her skin, longed to savour the silky flesh of her inner thighs. And he could smell her arousal, sharp and rich in the air, see her nipples pressing against the tight material, hear the sound of her breathing.

Aiden reached out and ran the back of his hand down her cheek.

“So soft, but I knew it would be. I’ve dreamed about having you here, having you at my mercy.”

Naymeen swayed as he pinched the tab of the closure of her suit and gently tugged it down, exposing the valley between her breasts. Putting his tongue to her, he licked a line up her sternum, enjoying the tang of sweat—a delicious prelude to delights yet to come.

Excerpt from All Tied Up by Kaenar Langford, final edition may differ.

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