Beth from ParaNormalRomance sums up her feeling about the book in one sentence- "Gotta love a girl that can kick some butt!"

She goes on to say: I love a good story where the heroine is not afraid to kick a little butt, and knows how to get what she wants. Nyameen is a great example of this type of heroine, with just enough vulnerability to keep her from being heartless. Aiden's character was something of a mystery to start with, but as the story progressed, he showed his true colors, and I was not disappointed at all! ALL TIED UP is a very well written steamy romp through the cosmos, with an excellent plot, and entertaining characters. Great job!

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What did Dawn from Love Romance and More have to say about All Tied Up?

Oh my, ALL TIED UP is one heart pounding ride from start to finish. It was so scorching hot; I was ready to jump in a cold shower to cool things off. Ms. Langford delves into the future and delivers a pulse pounding ride that leaves you breathless as you race to the next page trying to see what other delights Aiden has in store for Naymeen. The sex scenes are powerful and erotic. I highly recommend you keep a fan blowing on you or your significant other nearby because this is an author who knows how to kick things up a notch. I highly enjoyed ALL TIED UP and look forward to reading more from this author. Run to grab ALL TIED UP and make sure to have a few of your own pleasure toys around as well; you might get some wicked ideas to explore.

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All Tied Up
reviewed for Total-e-Bound
by Cindy Spencer Pape

All Tied Up is a quick, delightful peek into Kaenar Langford’s universe of futuristic bounty hunters. Naymeen believes Aiden is abetting a traitor to herself as well as the government she both believes in and works for. Aiden is involved in undercover operations, which Naymeen is unknowingly jeopardizing. He can’t tell her, for the life he’d risk isn’t his own. What he can do is keep her introducing her to all the delights of his well equipped sexual playroom. Both are working behind each other’s backs, but each is also falling hard for the other. But will they ever be able to bridge the gap between domination and trust?

Langford introduces a strong, appealing heroine in Naymeen, and a hot, sexy, powerful hero in Aiden. The intergalactic machinations that brings them together are nearly as intriguing as the passions they find once they do. This is a short read, but one I’ll pick up over and over again.

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