Jude’s Choice was so much more than the blurb led me to believe. Since I love a good menage story, I settled in for what I hoped would be a good entertaining read. What I got was a great read that was so completely erotic and steamy that I honestly had to get up more than once to cool off. Kaenar Langford has a winner in my opinion with Jude’s Choice. I just hate that the book ended. I could have read about these three sexy and sensuous characters for a long time!

Jude’s Choice is a hot and spicy futuristic romance that basically has it all. This story has everything from a rescue to betrayal, from menage to passionate lovemaking. Kaenar Langford is a superb author with a gift for telling a story that you want to read. Jude‘s Choice is a winning combination of futuristic fantasy and good old fashioned eroticism. The characters have so much personality and sensuality that they jump off the pages in this story. As a reader, I can not wait for more from this highly talented author.

It is most amazing when a story excites all the senses. Jude’s Choice does just that. To say the sex scenes in Jude’s Choice are original is inadequate. They are sensational and erotic enough to cause my flesh to break out in goose bumps. Ms. Kaenar has a wonderful imagination. This tale is a definite turn on. You will need to have your toys or man close by when reading Jude’s Choice. The sex is that hot, the pages fly by, and the plot is dramatic with grotesque evil doers. I’m dying to read any story Ms. Langford writes. She is an author everyone should add to their must buy list.

Oh my Gosh, this author "Rocks". I had the joy of reviewing her other book, Lucifer’s Angel, and now JUDE’S CHOICE, and she gets better and better, if that is possible. I loved the way she made this world come to life for me while I read this book. The way Ms. Langford wrote the emotions of these three blew me away totally. I loved the relationship between Jude and Toryn, and then when Delia was added, oh, can you say "HOT"? But the story was built with strong emotions and love, to me that is what made this story great. I know that I want to read all of this author’s future books because I know she is on her way "UP".  

JUDE’S CHOICE is a wonderfully written futuristic love story. The characters in Jude’s Choice are emotional while being strong, tender, and loyal. The plot that thickens and twists throughout this intense story will keep you on the edge of you seat. Kaenar Langford has created an interesting world and pens sexual scenes that will leave you tingling with anticipation and want. I highly recommend Jude’s Choice to anyone.

JUDE’S CHOICE is a passionate adventure into a future that goes beyond imagination. A thrilling plot will keep readers on edge while delighting them with the numerous heated and explicitly erotic encounters.

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ISBN #978-14199-11019