Lucifer’s Angel by Kaenar Langford is a sexy, passionate story that will tantalize and tempt. Mariah and Gabriel have sparks flying between them right from the start, and it doesn’t take long before the sparks turn into a five alarm blaze!
If you like your stories long and packed full of hot sex then Lucifer’s Angel is one that you will want to pick up.  

Lucifer’s Angel is a well written tale overflowing with passion and love. Each scene shows just how much in love Gabriel and Mariah are. I enjoyed Kaenar Langford’s development of the story and her skill in bringing a character to life in the pages of a book. Lucifer’s Angel is a wonderful story I recommend to all!

This book was not what I expected. I thought it would be erotica without much of a plot, and I couldn’t have been more mistaken. This is a fabulously well-written tale that could be about any one of us lovely ladies stranded on the side of the road with a beautiful hunk coming to our rescue. This is a story about friendship, family, love, desire, and well, yes, delicious sex complete with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and a very hot man to nibble on.

Kaenar Langford has a winner with Lucifer’s Angel and fans will eagerly look forward to her next release.
A Page Turner well worth picking up

When Ms. Langford puts a troubled cop and a small town girl together you get explosions of a very hot kind. Lucifer’s Angel is a wild ride - hot, spicy, and roaring to go from the first page. Ms. Langford will have you melting in your seat.

Lucifer’s Angel by Kaenar Langford had me in many minds, laughing at the antics of Mariah and Gabriel, and then sad when I learnt about Gabriel’s heartbreaking past. The instant attraction between them left me reeling but after reading a few more pages I understood it, and wholeheartedly agreed with them. ...I loved it from the first few pages in to the last. This was a story of how deep and fast you can fall in love but also how special it is when you find the one person meant for you. Ms. Langford certainly was able to convince me of that.
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Ms. Langford has written a wonderful story. I absolutely fell in love with the emotionally tortured Gabriel and the sweet, sexually charged Mariah, who is determined to save him. This is an excellent book that will keep the reader enthralled from the first page with the sexual energy surging between these two characters, which will keep the reader glued to their seat and turning the pages. I would recommend this story to anyone and I hope there will be more to come from the town of Hopeville and some the other great characters.

Ms. Langford shines in the sexual arena giving the reader loads of stuff to play around. I will never forget Mariah’s scandalous lingerie as she seduces the pants off Gabriel. Hopefully, Lucifer’s Angel will ignite a flame of passion in its readers that can’t be stopped. Try it out if you want ideas to seduce your honey.

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Author of the wildly popular "Lucifer’s Angel" and "Jude’s Choice", Kaenar is rapidly becoming one of the leading names in the romance/erotica genre. A former teacher, Kaenar only stumbled upon her immense writing talent when she attended a writer’s seminar, and lovers of erotic ficiton from around the world are forever grateful! Learn more about Kaenar, her books, contests and more by visiting her website.

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