Seduction, the largest gay spa in Toronto, is a world of sexual adventure and sensual pleasure, as long as you’re male-until Julianna Emerson gets to spend an evening there playing with two gorgeous men. The three of them explore the delights the spa has to offer. The shower chamber with the two-way glass and the room with the sling suspended from the ceiling on chains are by far their favorites.

Unedited excerpt:

He made a circular motion with his finger. “Turn around. I think it’s time you were naked as well.”

Julianna obediently gave him her back, eager to hide the blush his erotic words drew from her, but unable to hide the tremor as he pulled down the zipper of her dress and mischievously bit the tendon in her neck. Yet she clung to the material, unsure what he would think of her thirty-six year old body.

“Julianna,” was all he said. But it was the manner in which he said it, the promise in his voice. She swung round to face him, letting the fiery dress fall to her waist. He gave her a delighted smile, the dimples deepening, as her black strapless bra was revealed, her breasts plump and white.

“You are exquisite,” he said, running one warm finger along the soft skin above the lacy material. “Please tell me you’re wearing panties that match.”

“You’ll just have to find out for yourself,” she said, warming to this game of flirting, enjoying playing with him, relishing the way he looked at her.

“Oh I intend to do just that. As soon as you take that dress off for me.”

She loved the catch in his breath as she slid her thumbs beneath the slinky material and bent over, presenting her luscious breasts to him.

“Don’t move,” he said softly.

It was her turn to gasp as he pressed a kiss to the silken flesh of her shoulder.

Drawing back, he smiled. This time it was a very wicked smile. “You can continue now.”

Julianna looked right into his beautiful blue eyes, watching the flare of heat, as she began to draw the dress down. She shimmied it over her hips, down her long legs and off.

“I don’t know if that bit of nothing qualifies as panties,” he said, looking at the strip of material that constituted her barely-there undies.

As she put her hands behind her back to remove her bra, Derrick put his hand on her arm. “I’ve changed my mind.”

“What do you mean?” Julianna asked, wondering what she’d done wrong.

“I don’t want you naked just yet. Those sexy black fuck-me shoes along with the bra and panties need to be removed in exactly the right circumstances. I want you to keep them on so I can walk behind you and follow the sway of your ass in those high heels. I want to see that lacy black underwear against your pale skin.”

It was hard to catch her breath with his oh-so-erotic words flowing over her.

He continued to draw her in with his seductive voice. “Yes, I definitely think you should keep them on until we find just the right place.”

“Do you have somewhere in mind?” she asked, trying to speak past the lust in her throat.

“Oh yes. I know just the spot.”

She was so sure he did.

Excerpt from Something Naughty This Way Comes by Kaenar Langford, final edition may differ.

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